Summer 2020 Reopening

Changes and future layout

As part of reopening we are planning a few changes to help keep your child and our staff to be safe and healthy. A lot of these are guidelines already being implemented at emergency daycare centers.

1) We will have a health check at the door with temperature taken via forehead infrared thermometers. All staff and children will be tested and parents if they need to go in the office.

2) We have our night cleaning company do additional cleaning.

3) During the day there will extra staff on to help as well as clean equipment before and after use.

4) Hand sanitizer will be used as necessary of when soap and water are not available.

5) We will have 3 portable sinks in the hall. It has warm water.

6) The hall is being sectioned off into 5 areas. Littles 1, Littles 2, Middles 1 Middles 2 and Bigs. The children will be required to stay in their groups as instructed. We will have a group list when we start up. Staff will be assigned to each group and we will try to keep the same staff with each group. Pictures are below. There will still be more to do once we open. The groups will be no more than 10 children per group plus staff.

7) We will operate the entire summer with no weeks closed as previously stated.

8) There will be no trips. We will be having the children out at the New Cypress Park across the street on West Ave.

9) Staff will be wearing mask and gloves as necessary. We are not sure of what will be required for children as of now.

10) We will still provide breakfast, Lunch, snacks and drinks. Menu will be available once we open. If your child does not eat what's on the menu please feel free to send them with their own lunch or breakfast.

Additional Cleaning procedures:

After all activities we will be disinfecting equipment used, the space used.  Children will either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available.  

We will be using a fogger disinfectant as well.

New layout - maybe subject to change as required by authorities.






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