School Year 2021/2022

We will no longer be providing transportation for before care and aftercare from any school.    We will not be offer Remote learning services unless there is a national emergency.

If you need to get transportation to and from us please contact Woodbridge Transportation at (732) 346-2300 or email them at

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Email address is

We will have a health check at the door with temperature taken via forehead infrared thermometers. All staff and children will be tested.  Parents will test children and staff will self test.  The children will wash hands upon entering their groups.

We accept children from other schools if they have an IEP and can get transportation from the township.

Before Care Typical day

1. - 6:30-8:30 – before care – breakfast will be served and opportunity to play

2. - 8:30 – 9:00  – Children will leave on their respective buses to their schools.

Aftercare Typical Day

1. - 2:30 – 6:30 -aftercare – children will get a snack

2. - Help with homework

3. - Play time inside or outside.

If school has half day we will be open for the half day which usually starts about 12:30 for middle school childfen and 1:30 for elementary school students.

You can register for as many days as you need.  We accept all major credit cards, online payments. 

Parents are permitted in facility during normal business hours when necessary.  

Starting March 7th 2022, Mask wearing will be optional.  It is no longer required after March 7th.

We have a cleaning company to do additional cleaning over night.

Hand sanitizer will be used as necessary or when soap and water are not available.

We have 2 portable sinks in the hall. It has warm water.

We will be using a fogger disinfectant before we close every night.


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Online Giving

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